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Saturday Program


~   Presentations & Workshops  ~

 Presentations and Workshops will be held in the two marquees between TANK 5 and Collins Avenue

For times, please see Saturday and Sunday programs on the left

Energy Efficient Building and Renovating for the Tropics 

James Maude, Royal Australian Institute of Architects - FNQ

Learn how to build and renovate for reduced greenhouse emissions. Buildings are big users of energy,  both during construction and in operation. Local architect James Maude will discuss how to reduce your impact through materials selection, construction methods, and energy efficient design, We will also discuss some some of the trade-offs of energy, cost and maintenance and James will offer his top ten energy saving tips for your home.

Hemp - a Truly Sustainable Crop

Suzanna Wilkerson, grower and founder of THINQ Inc.(Total Hemp Industries North Queensland)
  • An introduction to the most useful plant on the planet. What is industrial hemp? The legislation surrounding hemp.
  • How easily hemp can be organically grown. Hemp can rebuild soil structure adding humus and opening up the ground. Why pesticides or herbicides are unnecessary on an industrial scale and examples of companion cropping. Harvesting procedures including a short video presentation ,time permitting.
  • Uses for the hemp plant. Hemp supplies all of the required needs for human survival ;ie food , shelter, clothing ,fuel. It has been estimated to have more than 50,000 uses mainly in fibre use. Uses include superior alternatives to wood products for paper and building materials. Samples available for viewing. It is the strongest natural fibre that is known. A brief overview of the nutritional value of the hemp seed.
  • The Status of hemp in North Queensland. Photos of crops and growers. The projected future of hemp for the north and other regions of Australia.

Permaculture - Suburban Self-Reliance

Kym Kruse, Permaculture Cairns

The workshop will explain how a Permaculture approach can achieve this, on any amount of suburban or rural space, through thoughtful design and the philosophy of working with, rather than against, nature. It will aim to equip you with some useful tools & references, enabling you to begin growing good clean food in your backyard as you move toward a level of self-reliance.

Presenting the workshop will be Kym Kruse, a budding Permaculturist and recent graduate of the Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton from the Permaculture Research Institute and Bruce Zell, a dedicated Permaculturist and Accredited Permaculture Trainer with over 30 years local experience. Bruce is also a holder of Permaculture Diplomas in education, design, site development and community services from Hortus Australia and the Permaculture Institute.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Geoff Thomas

A survey and discussion of Renewable Energy Technologies and how they can complement each other to provide Australia's energy needs, including base-load requirements.

Sustainable Living

John Fielder

Sustainable Living - What is it?
How to live sustainbly in today's society.
Can any-one do so?
Is it hard to do so?

Terra Preta - Soil Enhancement and Carbon Sequestration

Geoff Thomas

A description of Terra Preta, it's ancient Amazonian history and recent discoveries.
Terra Preta, also known as Agri-Char,  can sequester carbon for thousands of years, while at the same time improving agricultural or garden soils.
Come and learn how you can sequester carbon in your back yard or on your farm.

Traditional Knowledge Movies

Balkanu, Traditional Knowledge Recording Program

Two short movies will be shown:
Water We Know - A documentary developed by Aboriginal Elders to create awareness and aspirations of our water qualities in Cape York Peninsula, based on the way the country was managed for many generations by Traditional Knowledge.  Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways 2006.
Bush Foods - A interesting documentary made by the Aurukun community, Cape York, on bush tucker and land management.  Stanley Kalkeeyorta takes you for a walk that is informing and educational.  Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways.

‘Working towards a nuclear free Queensland’

Qld nuclear free alliance - QNFA
  • Why nuclear power is no solution to climate change and the worldwide energy crisis: “a hard rain” 20 min hard facts movie by David Bradbury.
  • Nuclear proliferation won’t lead to world peace – update about Talisman sabre military exercise and peace convergence (20 min)
  • Our local north Qld actions towards Nuclear free zones and climate protection (20 min)
  • Discussion and questions (30 min)

Worm Farming

Peter Cole

Learn how to turn your kitchen scraps into valuable fertiliser
Peter will explain how to recycle kitchen scraps; worm farm design features and maintenance, worm biology and application of worm castings.

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