Southern Rail Tunnel

Feasible Alternative to 4-Lane Kuranda Range Highway

This option has been presented to the Queensland government and Department of Main Roads years ago but has not been considered or commented on.

Features of the proposed southern rail tunnel:

one of the possible alignments:

omparing the road option (blue) with the proposed rail alignment (yellow – dotted where underground) makes the savings in time and energy very obvious.

Note that without the above ground section crossing the highway, tunnelling all the way to the short tunnel on bottom left, would require ~23km of tunnel, just as in the A$750 million Swiss project.


Southern rail tunnel advantages compared with planned 4-Lane-Highway

Seeing that the 4-Lane-Highway is already costing close to 700 million dollars and expected to end up costing over one billion, the Southern Rail Tunnel looks like a much better and more sustainable option!

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