ELECTRIC SCOOTERS – a clean and cheap way to work

As the world turns its focus towards GREEN energy and oil prices are rising, more people turn to electric as their means of transportation.

Reports of increased sales of electric scooters are up all over the US. The economic, environmentally friendly transportation of choice is available for anyone, not just the rich, at a reasonable price.

Since 2006, Mr. Smith has seen an increase of over twenty-eight percent in the number of electric scooters that are being purchased for commuter purposes from both his on-line stores and his Tampa retail outlet. “There is not a day that goes by without a customer asking if this will get them to work”, stated Mr. Smith.

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People are genuinely concerned about both the environment and how much they have left after filling up their cars for the basic necessities of life.

Today's electric scooters are more technologically advanced than their sisters of years past. They can go farther, faster and can pay for themselves in no time. According to Greenpeace, electric scooters have only one tenth the environmental impact of their petroleum equivalents.