Fuel Cell Trains

Fuel cells to switch trains onto a greener track.

If railways are to help cut carbon emissions they need to find a less polluting alternative to diesel.

Much of Japan's rail system is electrified, but for those routes still running diesel-electric locomotives the NE-train is coming. The diesel generator is replaced with two 65 Kw Hydrogen powered fuel cells and a hydrogen tank to power the motors to a speed of 65 kmph and it stores regenerative braking energy in batteries.

Setting up hydrogen refuelling stations should be easier for trains than cars and trucks” Source: East Japan Railway

Running on hydrogen, plus oxygen from the air, the train will emit just a few puffs of steam”

Page 30-31. 17 March 2007 New Scientist

Pollution/Carbon emissions? Only if the electricity used to make the hydrogen is from a polluting source such as coal.

Economists have suggested that fuel cell trains are vital to reducing dependence upon oil and combating climate change.

For further info upon fuel cell trains visit: http://www.hydrail.org/technology.php#mining