Vehicles – Facts and Developments


2 litres to go from Cairns to Mareeba and back (~130km)
30 litres to go from Cairns to Brisbane (~2000km)
Loremo GT - 50hp 3 cyl turbo diesel; 220km/h; 9sec 0-100; 800km range (20l tank); ~15,000 Euro; available ~ 2009 in Germany, including right hand drive – and very stylish!.

Toyota is reaping the dividends of producing smaller, more fuel-efficient cars at a time of high petrol prices, particularly in the United States and has now overtaken America's General Motors to become the biggest car-maker in the world..

Each litre of petrol produces 2.5 kg of CO2! How many km do you drive each year and how many liters/100km does your car use? Work out how much CO2 you produce and how you can reduce that!

eg. get a car with lower fuel consumption, it helps the environment and your finances!

Denmark has changed to taxing cars from their engine capacity to their petrol consumption. This has lead to a significant increase of sales for low CO2 emission cars.

SKN Tuning in Germany has developed an "Eco-Tuning 75" kit (from Euro 250.-) that changes car computers to maximise fuel savings rather than performance and saves 7-12% fuel.
The VW- und Audi-Tuner Abt in Kempten, Germany are selling a kit (from Euro 3500.-) that changes the computer and transmission eg of a 2litre VW engine to achieve an increase of performance from 200 to 240 Hp while at the same time reducing fuel consumption by up to 4 litres/100km and also reducing CO2 emissions by 22gr/km!,1518,477430,00.html
Why don't we see car makers provide such products?