Wave Energy

Base power energy and Desalination – CETO wave energy technology

A patented technology that delivers Zero-Emission Power and Freshwater from the energy of the ocean's waves. CETO is the only wave energy technology that pumps high pressure seawater ashore making it the most efficient and cost effective way to desalinate freshwater from wave energy.

The CETO technology is held by Australian Company Seapower Pacific Pty Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renewable Energy Holdings plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM Market.


Wave energy is a genuinely renewable energy source and distinct from tidal energy. In Australia, all the major southern states (NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia

& Western Australia) water needs could be delivered by CETO wave farms occupying

a seafloor area of just 150 hectares or 70 football ovals.

CETO differs from other wave energy technologies under development by pumping water directly ashore under high pressure rather than generating electricity offshore and transmitting it back to shore via high voltage cables. This makes CETO the most efficient and cost effective way to desalinate freshwater from wave energy.

By acting as an offshore pump, CETO delivers large volumes of high pressure seawater ashore ready for desalination via traditional (reverse osmosis) means (but without the greenhouse gas emissions).


The World Energy Council has estimated that approximately 2 terawatts (2 million megawatts), about double current world electricity production, could be produced from the oceans via wave power. It is estimated that 1 million gigawatt hours of wave energy hits Australian shores annually and that 25% of the UK’s current power usage could be supplied by harvesting its wave resource.