The Critics Say: “A few glaciers receding today is not proof of Global Warming, glaciers have grown and receded many times.”

This is part of the divide and obfuscate approach to climate denialism and the trick is not to vociferously defend glacial melt as proof of anything as that falls into the trap of promoting one single piece of evidence to a "make the case or break the case" status. Instead, let's put these findings in context with other similar findings which when viewed as a whole are impossible to ignore.

No one claims that a few melting glaciers is proof of Global Warming. Proof is a mathematical concept. In climate science one needs to look at the balance of evidence and this is just more evidence on one side of that balance. Widespread and rapid retreat of glaciers is merely yet another observation consistent with all the other kinds of "melting" evidence.

Here is some of that evidence:

Sea ice reaches new record declines: _trendscontinue.html

Glaciers in Greenland are receding and calving at record rates: grace-20051220.html

This is a global phenomenon:

Ancient permafrost is also thawing: mg18725124.500 1523.html

Clearly, we are dealing with much more than a few receding glaciers.